What’s with the name?


So, you may be wondering why I chose the title of my blog, or you may not, but I’m going to explain anyway.

I am a stay at home mum with three children, a husband and a mother-in-law under the same roof. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD, this causes me to start projects that I never finish (hopefully this isn’t another one), forget to do things that most people would do as a matter of habit, stay up late, wake up late, lose things, generally be a bit useless. I take medication which helps but doesn’t fix the problems.

Now ADHD in itself is too bad for Scrabble but, I’m not the only one in the house with it. My eldest is 11 and she also has ADHD. My middle daughter is 9 and she has Asperger’s Syndrome, I could cheat and call it AS which gives a couple more letters, and then my youngest, my son who is 4, has ASD, autism to most people and a Chromosome Disorder. If Scrabble has numbers that would be handy because he has a microdeletion at 2q12.3-13. That would confuse the game.

My husband is Dyslexic which doesn’t lend letters to the game but makes it much harder for him to make a decent word out of the letters, and my mother-in-law. Well, not officially diagnosed with anything but that’s another story.

So that’s my life, trying to get through each day whilst avoiding meltdowns, avoiding repeat trips to schools to take forgotten books, pencil cases etc, getting the right food to the right people, and generally existing.

In my blog I’m hoping to be able to offer some helpful reviews, run a competition or too, and also share my latest wins as I love a good competition myself, and hopefully the blog will unfold itself as I go along!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kitty x


3 thoughts on “What’s with the name?

  1. faithgift

    Hi thanks for following faithgift. my daughter faith has adhd and general anxiety disorder so mabye we can support and encourage each other

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